Rapid Fat Loss Program Pack

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The Rapid Fat Loss Program is going viral not due to millions in advertising, but due to the actual results our clients are getting everyday!

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Rapid Fat Loss Pack

Suitable for those who want to lose 8-15 kilo’s and

are in reasonable health.

Your Rapid Fat Loss Pack provides you with:

  • Detox pack to prepare your body for the program
  • Our Unique Formulation Metabolism Correction Drops 1 large,1 Small
  • Motivating Emails that enables you to maximise your results
  • Recipes Booklets For Each Stage of Your Program
  • Program information notes & Weight Loss Chart
  • Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach with unlimited email support to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Just $550 + $20 Postage and Handling Australia Wide

Price(AUD): $550.00

Or simply call on 0412 812 695 to organise payment & added special bonus offers.

(That’s only around $78 per week over the 7 weeks on the program. No ongoing membership fees or specialty food outlay.)

Group Discount Offers (5+)

  Got a group of friends who are wanting to lose weight? Why not get a group of 5 or more friends together and receive FREE Delivery Australia Wide PLUS we will add extra bonuses too.  Simply call to organise a Group Discount and we will help you get started.

 *** For Postage outside of Australia please send inquiry email to [email protected] with “RFL Postage” in subject line. This will reduce delays in your pack arriving at your door.***

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 Want to lose more weight?

We have you covered, talk to us about our Refresher Packs.


Consider this for a moment..

Most weight loss programs will see you lose around 1/2-1kg per week right? The food for many of these programs costs around $120-$150 per week. If you aim to lose 10kg @ lets say 1kg per week 10 x $120= $1200 and with many weight loss programs once you stop eating the recommended foods what happens? That’s right in many cases the weight creeps back on.

Most people are surprised to hear  that they can actually save money while on the Rapid Fat Loss Program. Considering that while you are on the program you will be consuming less food you normally would. Don’t worry the program is designed so that you aren’t hungry while you are burning fat.  Our all natural metabolism correction drops have the amazing ability to control hunger and cravings as well as melting unwanted fat.

The average person will save 75% off their  weekly food bill. Wow! On average you will save $400-$600 over the 3 weeks duration of the program.That more than pays for your weight loss program

Whats more, after your weight loss program has finished many of our clients comment that the old cravings and addictions are often absent, with an appetite that is easily satisfied with around half the food requirement as before.

So now the long term savings go way beyond what you could imagine.

Your Weight Loss Program could potentially save you $1000’s.