To really understand how well this program works you have to simply listen to the results.



This is me before and after Rapid Metabolic Fat Loss. I had to try the program myself so I was able to help others. My weight loss was quick and easy. I now have more energy and I feel amazing. You too can achieve great results on Rapid Metabolic Fat Loss. Don’t wait another day. Get on the phone so we can help you too. Great way to start the summer too. For the first time in a long time I am excited to go to the beach.



 Elizabeth’s Story

Pudgy, Overweight, Frustrated, With a Body With a Mind Of Its Own, A Sufferer of Middle Aged Spread, or The Ad For Good Living, THAT was me!

From a very tired, mother of 4,overweight, listless, frustrated bundle of menopausal pudgy misery to a happy, slim and vibrant person who can now walk up stairs without puffing!   To be suddenly aware of a neck which had been hidden for years and a waist line that also hasn’t been seen for decades, plus a body that took on a new lease of life in just 3 weeks, that is me!

To say  that I am excited is an understatement. I know you want to know what this Metabolic Fat Loss program can do for YOU but I can’t help but interrupt you right now and tell you how excited I am about the amazing results I achieved in 3 weeks. This weight loss plan works.  I tried this program and in 1 week I had lost  4.5 kgs.   Never before had I experienced the scales moving so fast in the right direction.   In 3 weeks I had lost     17 kgs.  Maintaining this weight Ioss has been easy.   I feel great and to say I am “extremely impressed” is an understatement.

All this is bliss for someone who has spent decades following weight loss diets mindlessly and uselessly and following exercise programs like a hare on speed!

What about my husband – he is a new man too.  9 kgs in 3 weeks and not stopping there!

And our daughter who thought she was “overweight” – Lost 6kgs in 3 weeks.  Another benefit – her skin has never been better.

She has suffered from eczema since a baby and now her skin is amazing.

Our son, an Engineer who was showing the effects of good living has lost 15 kgs in 5 weeks.

What about Helen, a Justice of the Peace who lost 15 kgs in just 3 weeks.  To say that she is excited about her incredible fast weight loss is an understatement.

So many people find it hard to lose weight and then more importantly,“Keep it off!”

Every fat loss diet program in the universe has sat on my kitchen bench and been in effect a 7 day wonder.  From shakes to counting calories, counting points and frozen packaged meals.  Yes, some kilos have come off only to be put straight back on when the diet is complete.

Not to mention that during that process I and many others on the fat loss circuit have struggled with energy loss and the frustration of not losing fat where it is needed most – around the middle and my thighs.

What a refreshing change – this fast, fat burning program works on removing the toxic fat around your middle and the cellulite on your thighs.  Isn’t that what you want?  Your structural fat or protective fat where you need it,remains.  Plus, your energy and general health improves in the process as a result of correcting your metabolism.

Many people (and I was one) found the “yo-yo” diet effect very disheartening.   To first lose weight and within a few weeks begin to stack it back on again is more than frustrating

Why does this happen?  Because of an impaired metabolism, the fat set point in the brain becomes programmed at an increasingly higher level and our bodies reaction is to stack on the weight again.

Correcting the metabolic centre of the brain is the key to accelerated fat loss and long term fat reduction without the need for continual dieting or rigorous exercise.

There are many diets that have been designed for us to lose weight but this is the first to prevent fat from being regained after dieting has finished.

As long as you stabilize effectively in Phase 3 of the program this could be your last diet.  ! The completion of the stabilization phase you will not have to eat like a boa constrictor to maintain the new you.  Imagine not needing to be a ‘DIETER’ again … ever!

I found that not only did I lose weight but the Rapid Fat Loss Program enabled my body to undergo some amazing transformations.  You will find too that your body contour will actually change, decreasing its circumference.

Thanks to the Rapid Fat Loss Program my weight loss worries are a thing of the past.   This is the best way to not only lose weight but lose weight fast, that I have ever seen in my years of living.   Sorry I am not going to tell you how many!


Like many of his clients, Vitaforce Naturopath Troy Heymann N.D. with over 20 years experience was confronted with weight gain and had been on many yo-yo diets so he threw down the gauntlet and embarked on a journey to find the secret to fast weight loss.   Combining research and experience he developed the Rapid Fat Loss Program.

Trialling this metabolism boosting program Troy lost around 29kgs and has maintained his impressive weight loss and improved his energy levels with ease and success.

Troy then trialled the metabolic fat loss program with selected clients (I was one) who have had dazzling results.  He now shares this amazing weight loss program with you.

Troy Heymann found that losing weight with the Rapid Fat Loss Program is the quickest and most effective method to lose weight without compromising health and metabolism.

“The Rapid Fat Loss Program is by far the most impressive weight loss program I have ever seen over the past 20 years as a health care practitioner. It is truly amazing. Forget everything you have heard about ‘how to diet’.  If you follow the recommendations to the letter, I am confident you will get the results you are looking for and more.”

What if you could experience dramatic weight loss results daily?

(Yes, it is possible!)  Isn’t that the weight loss program you have been looking for?  A diet that gives you quick weight loss and the results you crave, without leaving you feel frustrated and hungry

So if you are looking to improve your health, repair a faulty metabolism and lose at least 10 kgs of toxic body fat, then the Rapid Fat Loss Program is for you.

I suggest you look no further.  The secret of rapid weight loss with the Rapid Fat Loss program is out and we are excited for you.





  •  “While I didn’t have a huge amount of weight to lose I had tried to get back to my pre-baby weight for many years. While some programs had given me a short term fix the weight always crept back on. So it wasn’t until I tried the Rapid Fat Loss Program that I successfully and quite easily got back to my goal weight. I also have found that I have my pre-baby figure back. I have a waist line again and not a trunk.. And as an added bonus I feel like I have had my batteries recharged. It is amazing.”   Clare