•  Why is this diet different from other programs?

The Rapid Fat Loss Program is not only designed to burn abnormal unhealthy fat it is also designed to reset and lock in your metabolism to your new healthy weight. Giving you back control of your weight instead of your weight ruling your day to day life.


  • The Dr told me I have Metabolic Syndrome will this program help me?

Yes, The Rapid Fat Loss Program is especially designed to help correct the metabolism and burn abnormal fat stores. Especially fat stored around the tummy, bottoms and thighs.


  •    Is the program based on shakes?

Short answer No. Our recipes and food ideas are all based on healthy fresh foods.

  •  ·How long is the program?

Just 7 weeks from start to finish for most people, in this time most clients will lose around 8-12kg. 1 week preparation, 3 weeks diet, 3 weeks stabilising.  If you need to lose more weight you can continue for longer or simple repeat the process.

  •  Will I be hungry on the program?

Generally clients don’t get hungry as our unique blend of Metabolism Drops helps eliminate hunger and other cravings. 

  •  Will it make me tired and lethargic?

No, generally most clients find they actually have more energy.

  •    Will my skin be saggy?

The program is designed to draw your skin back in. Most people don’t have any sagging skin. This is partly due to the fact our program targets abnormal fat stored and not your normal or structural fat.

  • I have had gastric banding & lost some weight but now I have no energy, can Rapid Fat Loss help me?

Many people who have had a gastric banding surgery still often struggle to lose weight. Often they still carry unsafe fat around the tummy area. The Rapid Fat Loss Program can help target the dangerous fat stores. It will also assist in re-establishing a health metabolism for the future.

  •  Will I keep my weight off?

During the stabilisation phase you will learn which foods you should avoid, plus we give you tools to ensure you are in control in the future rather than your weight being in control of you. If you eat sensibly and I always say to clients 80% lean proteins fruit and veg and 20% treats. This is a very good way to stay healthy.

  •  Is it all natural & drug free?


  •  I am on anti-depressants will the program affect my medication?

No,  the program won’t affect medication but some medications can slow weight loss down just a little.

  •  Will the program affect my medications?

No the program won’t affect medication but some medications can slow weight loss down.

·         N.B: If you have any concerns please contact us via email or your medical adviser.